Why Do I Get Dehydrated In Winter?

The snow was 8” thick on my driveway. I sighed, knowing it would take 30 minutes of shoveling to clear it all. 

After 20 minutes, I felt worn out; not because of muscle fatigue. It was dehydration and I didn’t even feel thirsty. 


Here’s one reason; in 2005, the University of New Hampshire found that cold weather makes people feel less thirsty, which in turn increased their risk for becoming dehydrated. The hormones that signal our kidneys to conserve fluid are not released at the same rate as they would be in warmer weather. 

“Humans don’t naturally hydrate themselves properly, and they can become very dehydrated in cold weather because there is little physiological stimulus to drink.”, according to Professor Robert Kennewick, UNH associate Professor of Kinesiology.

“A dehydrated body lacks the capability to perform and stay warm.”

Symptoms of mild dehydration start to show after just a two percent loss in body fluids. The body is about two-thirds water and when the total water level drops by only a few percent we can become dehydrated. 

Monitoring proper hydration by examining urine output is just as important in cold conditions as it is in hot conditions; the color should be nearly clear.

"Who’s at risk to cold weather dehydration?"

Construction workers, municipal employees, snow cleanup crews, sanitation workers, police officers and emergency response and recovery personnel, like firefighters, and emergency medical technicians are some of the at-risk jobs.  

“How do I hydrate if I don’t want a cold drink?”

OSHA recommends staying hydrated in the cold by drinking warm, sweetened liquids, especially if the person is suffering from hypothermia.

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