Ryan Griffin Is Certified QSSP and OSHA-30

Have you wondered if your manufacturer's representatives are selling your product solutions to the right customer under the right conditions? 

At Market Force, we invest in our sales team to help them be a trusted source for distributors and end-users. Consequently, we’re pleased to announce that our Ryan Griffin successfully earned his QSSP (Qualified Safety Sales Professional) and OSHA-30 certifications.

Held over five days, the QSSP is the safety industry’s leading premier training program for safety professionals.

What it means to you is this: 

  • PPE specifiers look for sales and marketing people with the letters “QSSP” after their name. They know they are working with professionals who have prepared themselves to be safety partners in the prevention of worker injuries.
  • QSSP sales professionals are trusted resources for their end-users and distributors, bringing knowledge, competence, credibility, and solutions to support the mission of helping protect workers.
  • QSSP graduates learn to identify and evaluate hazards, understand management approaches to environmental safety and health, and how all the parts of a safety and health program work together.
  • QSSP professionals are familiar with air sampling and exposure levels, respirator fit testing, fall protection basics, electrical safety and confined spaces.
  • Perhaps most importantly, graduates learn to calculate the cost of an injury in sales equivalent dollars to demonstrate how poor safety performance affects profits; they help PPE specifiers and safety professionals strengthen the case to their management for a strong EH&S program.

For more information about QSSP, visit: 


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