Aaron Harper Joins Market Force

Aaron Harper has joined our Market Force sales team and will be covering South Central Ohio and all of West Virginia. 

Aaron brings with him a set of leadership skills, self-discipline, and a hard work ethic from his past position at J.P. Morgan Chase. 

Residing in Columbus, Ohio, Aaron is a graduate of Wooster College where he majored in finance and played on their football squad. 

Aaron's addition to our team continues Market Force's commitment toward offering our manufacturers more depth within the Midwest states that we service. 


Can you spot the Pelican cases in this fascinating Rube Goldberg machine?


Why the "Laws of Subtraction" apply to your business

"To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, subtract things every day." Lao Tzu

After several years in selling, we discovered that the less we say during a product presentation, the surer the sale will happen. Why? Because limiting information engages the imagination as clarified in Rule #3 from “The Laws of Subtraction” by Matthew May. Why say more when you can say less? “Subtraction can mean the difference between a highly persuasive presentation and a long, convoluted, and confusing one. Why say more when you can less?”

“The Laws of Subtraction” contains six laws and anecdotes to support those laws. For example, Law #1 states, “What isn’t there often trumps what is there.” Consider the iPhone 5S. Like their competitors, Apple could have added more wiz-bang features but chose not to. Their focus was keeping the essential and make what was there - finger print ID, IOS, etc - the best in the business. 

Law #2: “The simplest rules contain the most effective experience.”

For managers, you’ll love Law #4: “Creativity Thrives Under Intelligent Constraints”. Quoted author Teresa Amabile says, “Here’s the key to the conundrum for managers who want to stoke the innovation fire: That close cousin of scarcity, constraint, can indeed foster creativity.” You give deadlines for projects, don’t you? This chapter details why deadlines do work. Visit for some of the most engaging and thrilling talks that you'll ever experience. A paying audience can hear the most creative people on the planet talk about their work in 18-minute (or less) presentations. The boundry of the 18 minute talk is its ability to provide a focus and a framework, which is exactly what the human brain needs. 

Law # 5: Break is the important part of breakthrough. Although the story is too long to transcribe here, the author chronicles the success of Wellness Mart, MD. This refreshing medical-care concept is a cash-based retail doctor's office that serves only healthy people, not sick people. Read their take on health insurance and your eyes will be opened to one solution to the health care "crisis" in the US.

Law #6: Doing something isn't always better than doing nothing. Doing nothing is impossible but when we say we are doing nothing what we really mean is we're taking a break from our normal business in some way. And that is when our brains are the most creative, according to author May. Author J.K. Rowling developed the outline for her "Harry Potter" series while stuck on a crowded train. All of the famous insights, from developing the Theory of Relativity to the idea of Post-It notes, came at strange times and places; in a streetcar, on a train, while driving a car. They involved a change of scene and time away from the problem-solving activity.

We recommend reading and studying "The Laws of Subtraction" by Matthew May if only to drive home the book's main point; When you remove just the right things in just the right way, something very good happens.


How Emergency Response Shelters Stay Well Lit

If you're selling to emergency response teams and they have portable shelters, how do they light the interiors? Usually, they'll have portable fluorescents bulbs that break easily during set up or storage. Their power drawer can tax any portable energy system.

Pelican solved those issues with their new 9500 Shelter Lighting System; developed for military applications but ideal for emergency response teams and portable hospital shelters. 

The Pelican 9500 contains three LED light heads equipped with both white and red LEDs allowing for maximum visibility or if needed, preservation of night vision.

It contains three red/white LED light heads, universal transformer, inline switch, fixing straps for easy mounting and a series of color coded industrial grade connecting cables. The light heads are linked together and secured via hanging straps inside the shelter/accommodation.

The lighting system can be powered by a variety of sources including 110-240v AC wall power as well as 12-30v DC options. Unlike conventional glass light tubes, the 9500 light heads are virtually indestructible.

For a demonstration of the Pelican 9500 Shelter Lighting System, email or call us at 800-622-6808.


Why grizzly bears hate the new Pelican coolers

In our previous blog post, we mentioned how to persuade people with stories. 

Well, here's a story for you; even grizzly bears can't open the new Pelican coolers. 


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