Ryan Griffin joins Market Force in Indiana

Market Force is happy to announce that Ryan Griffin has joined our team as our outside sales representative in Indiana. Ryan, a graduate of Indiana University/Purdue University, lives in the Indianapolis area with his wife, Angie, and their two children. 

His territory will be all of Indiana with the exception of the southern portion along the Ohio River, which will be continued to be covered by Virginia Brewer out of Louisville.

Ryan's addition continues our committment toward offering increased penetration and the very best sales coverage for our principals in the Midwestern states. 



How to successfully do a trade show booth

At the recent FDIC (Fire Department Instructor's Conference) in Indianapolis, Pelican showed how to successfully exhibit and launch a new product. We hope you can learn from this at your next trade show or product introduction.







  1. Advertise before the show: Pelican advertised their new #3715 flashlight in several fire journals and asked prospective attendees to bring in the advert for a free drawing.

  2. If you have a free drawing, make more than one winner: What made Pelican's drawing unique was the fact that fifteen free flashlights were going to be given away at 4:00 each day. Instead of only one winner per day, Pelican had fifteen.

  3. Draw a crowd, make some buzz: booth visitors had to be present at 4:00 PM for the free drawing. This large crowd pulled in other curious onlookers to the booth.

  4. Keep it simple: Pelican's booth had ample space and focused on one theme - the new #3715 flashlight. Yes, other lights and Pelican cases were shown but they were off to the side.

  5. Repeat, repeat, repeat: notice the #3715 image is repeated six or seven times on the backdrop. The plastic tower on the right of the booth stacked several hundred #3715 lights and mounted a large version of the light on top. You couldn't miss the message or the focus of the booth.

  6. A trade show booth isn't a grocery store: most trade show booths want to please everyone with every product the company offers. The result is that the show attendees are confused and can't - or won't - focus on anything in the booth. Less is more.

  7. You have three seconds to get my attention: that's all the time you have when someone walks by your booth. Imagine driving by a highway billboard; if you have a simple message, I'll remember it. If you have too many words or images, I'll ignore it.

  8. Make a great product: No explanation needed.




We're hiring!

Needed: salesperson to represent us in Indiana, excluding the most southern portion along the Ohio River. We prefer that the salesperson is based in Central Indiana. For more, email us and we'll have our HR company contact you for a possible interview.


MAPA Chooses Market Force

MAPA Professional, manufacturers of chemical, thermal, and cut resistant gloves, has selected Market Force as their manufacturer's representatives. Here's one reason why we're excited about this innovative glove manufacturer. 

Blood seeped from the bottom cuff of Bill's nitrile glove. Slipping off the oily pump that he was installing, his screw driver slit his thumb. He couldn't wear cut resistant gloves since he needed chemical protection from chlorinated and aromatic solvents. "Doesn't anyone offer a glove that offers cut resistance and chemical resistance simultaneously?" Well, the MAPA Kronit #395 is a 100% waterproof cut resistant glove that combines an exterior cut resistant outershell with a nitrile chemical resistant middle layer, thus eliminating double gloving! Order your samples today by calling us at 800-622-6808. 




Wave "Hello" to Pelican's newest headlight flashight

Ever witness a worker fumbling to turn on his headlight flashlight? If he's wearing gloves, it gets even more cumbersome.

Meet Pelican's newest solution: the #2720 LED headlight. Simply gesture within 6" of the front of the light and, voila!, the light turns on! Wave again, it's off. 

Powered by three AAA batteries, the Pelican #2720 healight has an adjustable beam so if you're working up close, adjust the beam to your work. To prevent your night vision, the #2720 works in a red LED mode, too. 


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